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Art is older than recorded history itself. It has been with us since before humans were able to write. There are cave drawings that date back more than 40,000 years in the past. This shows that art is an essential part of life. That is the reason why it has been chosen as the theme for this blog.

Who Will This Blog Appeal To?

Ideally everyone should get at least some positive experience from the articles. They are intended to be both interesting and educational. Readers do not need to know much about art. In fact this could be beneficial as they will learn more from this blog than most people.

Those who are currently studying art will certainly find the blog appealing. They can use it to help further their studies. The content found here is written in a way that gives a broad overview of various art mediums. Therefore, experts can use it as a reference point, while beginners can discover completely new things.

What Types Of Art Are Discussed?

The art forms talked about on this blog include paintings, animation, books, video games and music. This means there is a large spectrum to look at. Paintings, literature and music date back centuries and therefore have a much richer history. Video games and animation are, on the other hand, relatively new. They exist because of new technologies.

This blog does not separate so called “low art” from “high art”. Instead each medium is given equal importance. Just because one type is older it does not mean that it is more important to society than newer ones. After all, video games are very new and have already become a billion dollar industry. Animation is the most talked about medium on this site. Therefore people interested in it will find plenty of articles worth reading.