Animated Films

The 20th and 21st centuries have undoubtedly seen an impressive evolution in the technical sophistication and overall popularity of animated films. Today, they are a dominant form of family movies which are viewed by massive audiences both in homes and at the cinema. Here are several animated films that are worth watching.

James And The Giant Peach

Based on the enchanting book by children’s author Roald Dahl, this film is about a magical giant peach. A boy called James crawls inside it where he meets a group of talking insects. The movie uses stop motion animation to bring these colorful creatures to life. The first section of the story is shot in live-action. However, once James enters the peach, the visual style shifts to an animated one.

The Simpsons Movie

The Simpsons is the most successful animated TV series of all time. Eventually, a movie version of the show was released. It follows the yellow family as they try to save their town from being blocked off from the outside world. The Simpsons Movie was generally well-received when it came out in cinemas. The introduction of the family’s pet pig, in particular, was popular with audiences.


Shrek takes the tropes and characters seen in traditional fairy tales and subverts them. Shrek is a friendly green ogre who lives in a swamp. When his home becomes threatened, Shrek goes on an adventure to rescue a princess from a dragon. He is joined by a wisecracking talking donkey voiced by Eddie Murphy. Shrek was followed by several sequels and has now spawned a lucrative franchise.

The Wallace And Gromit Series

This series is created by Aardman Animations, a studio based in Bristol. Wallace is a man who lives with his best friend, a dog called Gromit. Viewers enjoy the charming style of animation, which uses clay stop motion. This painstaking process can take weeks to produce just one second of film. Over the years the duo have been on numerous adventures. This has included traveling to the moon and stopping a jewel heist.

Toy Story

The company Pixar became the biggest producers of modern animations thanks to Toy Story. It is set in a world where toys come to life when humans are not watching. The first film concerns the rivalry between cowboy Woody and the new astronaut toy, Buzz Lightyear. Subsequent sequels have dealt with the theme of growing up. This has meant that they appeal to people of all ages.

Isle Of Dogs

Set in Japan, this film is about dogs who are condemned to an island full of trash. A boy comes to rescue one of them and ends up making friends with an entire group of canines. The movie was directed by Wes Anderson, who is known for creating quirky indie films.

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